Welcome to YMR Radio

YMR Radio is a 24/7 uninterrupted online digital radio station and is the place to find good music first.

It is nearly five years since we founded Your Music Radar and we think it is about damn well time that all these undiscovered and up and coming artists that come through to us have a place to be globally heard, not just on the web but on the radio too!!!  You’d be surprised at just how many golden tunes and artists never make it on to their local and National radio stations because they’re not the ‘right fit’ or ‘hipster enough’ for rotation.  Enough with that we say!

If a track is good enough to be featured on YMR and be heard by nearly 100,000 people a month, it is good enough to be heard across the globe on YMR Radio too.  We don’t listen to radio as there isn’t a radio station that plays what we want to hear.  I makes perfect sense then to create our own!

Yes, there will be a few popular tracks as part of our listening program (that you wouldn’t see on YMR) but there will be a growing number of discovered and undiscovered artists on rotation as we become more established.  The good news too is that there’s no annoying ads (apart from infrequent 2 minute redspot tunes which will appear pretty seamless within our schedule).

Now for the important stuff! YMR Radio is all about official licensing and royalties getting paid to the respective artists by our station’s hosting site (refer to Hosting, Licensing & Royalties below).  You can’t have a legal radio station without that.

We will only be featuring official mixes and official remixes.  No bootlegs or unofficial tracks will be featured on YMR Radio.  We’ll still feature bootlegs and unofficial mixes, etc. on YMR as per normal but not here on YMR Radio as we don’t want to break the law and we’re sure you’ll agree that artists need to get paid for their work.

If you have an original track or an official remix that you would like to submit for rotation on YMR Radio, hit us up at ymrradio1@gmail.com 

We are eclectic and open to all types of tracks (as per usual) and if it floats our boat, we’ll add your track to our next batch of rotational programming. The only rule with YMR Radio is it has to be official (and good obviously). Apart from that, anything goes.



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Where Can You Listen to YMR Radio Online?

There are many various ways to listen to YMR Radio online.

You can press play on our site player here.  You can go directly to Radionomy for the ‘posh version’ of the hosted YMR Radio Page.  You can also find us on TuneIn.Com and on their respective iPhone, Android and Smart TV apps.

You can also keep it simple and add YMR Radio to iTunes on your laptop/desktop.  This can be done by opening iTunes >> clicking on file >> selecting open stream and then type in https://listen.radionomy.com/ymrradio

Hit play and this will allow you to stream YMR Radio on your laptop and desktop through your iTunes 24/7.  How easy is all that!!!

We will be adding YMR Radio to more radio streaming platforms in the near future that will allow you to listen to us across more places.  In the meantime, tap into our tunes through any or all of the above ways.

Hosting, Licensing & Royalties

YMR Radio is hosted by Radionomy in Belgium and all licensing and royalties are paid by Radionomy through SABAM (Société d’Auteurs Belge – Belgische Auteurs Maatschappij) which in turn pays the global sister societies for which SABAM has entered into reciprocity agreements with.  This means that if you are an artist(s) from Australian, UK, US, etc. and your works are used on this radio station, the worldwide affiliates in your respective countries ensure that your royalties are distributed accordingly.   More information on SABAM’s sister societies program is available here.

Any songs and audio content that are on rotation on YMR Radio have either been added from Radionomy libraries or the media has been legally acquired (purchased CD or MP3 file from a site respecting copyright).  All royalty payments are provided from Radionomy through the above SABAM sister societies program.

For enquiries regarding our programming or if there are any tracks that are featured in our programming that you would like removing, please contact us at ymrradio1@gmail.com


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