We’ve been big BIG fans of Project 46 for some time now and wherever we have been able to, we’ve always been trying to get these guys on your music radar to give Project 46 a good plug in the land of music as these boys deserve it.

If you’re familiar with these guys, you’ll know that Project 46 are picking up some momentum with not only their stunner remixes but also now with their killer original tracks.

If you go onto Beatport¬†¬†right now, you’ll see that they’re at the heady heights of The Beatport Top 10 and if you get yourself onto Hype Machine, you’ll almost certainly see their tracks reaching the top end of the charts too.

So, to ensure you can get yourself immersed in All Things Project 46, we’ve posted a marvellous selection of their finest tracks and remixes below for you to get yourself into and if you like their tunes, get your fix!!!

Watch this space for more tunes from Project 46 as we suspect they’ve an arsenal of hot mixes and original tunes up their sleeve!!!


Check out all things Project 46 below: