artworks-000036364636-0kcaux-originalYes. You read it correctly.  This is a YMR post about a song by Black Sabbath.  The tricky difference here though is that it is really a post about the awesome remix talents of Poolside and their chilled rework of ‘Planet Caravan’.

I’m not vaguely interested in caravaning or caravans (so don’t surprise me with a caravan for Christmas) however, this track does indeed make you wish for a planet of caravans.  How’s that for a situation?

Anyway.  Interested in a summer sounding chilled out mix of Black Sabbath?  Good.  Poolside have served up a treat for your ears.

If you like what you hear, you should also check out the mixtape that this track features on (below):



Poolside Music by Poolside



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