What’s Playing on YMR Radio in November?


New tracks this month come from Blondfire, CAPPA, Cut Snake, Dead As Disco, Delamere, Du Tonc, Elizabeth Rose, Feki, GRRL PAL, Halcyon Drive, Kim Anh, Lilt, Moon Boots, No Mana, Sam Sparro, Set Mo, The Chainsmokers, Wafia and more.

We are now over 6 months into our 24/7 online YMR Radio station and not only are we hooked on our 24/7 goodness, it turns out that globally you are too!

October’s rotations have continued to take a shift towards less commercial tracks and deeper into our house and EDM filled tastes that we normally feature on YMR.

We’ve continued our solid streamed live 24/7 listening base across Australia, the US and the UK.  We’ve now also cracked China, Russia, Canada, Spain, Mexico, France, Russia, Sweden, Portugal, India, Italy, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Lithuania and many more places.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 6.03.11 pm

Where ever you are, get listening today!




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