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So what are we all about? Keeping us all on the musical not-so-straight and not-so narrow.

Your Music Radar was founded in March 2011.

2021 marks the year we hit the milestone of our 10 year anniversary of supporting up and coming artists get their music out to the masses.  We do the hard work of selecting great artists and tunes streaming online and playing independent radio. In the last decade we have evolved from not just banging on about great tunes but to being about championing unsigned artists, bands and DJs who we want to help get a leg up and get noticed to take their careers to the next level. Yes, we love ourselves the guilty pleasures of a mainstream artist but we love it more when you hear a gem of a track that would fly under your radar if you didn’t hear it here first.

We have writers and reviewers who specialise in homegrown and overseas talent including remixes, reviews, live shows, interviews and more.

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In the meantime, a big thanks from all at Your Music Radar for coming to our website.  Whether you have been a 10 year regular or you’ve just found us, make sure you come back again soon.

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