artworks-000033146154-6p8co7-cropI’ve listened to this track a few times before writing this.  I couldn’t put my finger on what was going on my head with it but now I know.  Listening to this takes me back into John Barry, Henry Mancini and Burt Bacharach territory from the sixties.

We’re drifting through what sounds like it could be a lost track from the Midnight Cowboy soundtrack.  It’s an audio gem from Melbourne’s Brighter Later and we reckon you should be getting your audio fill from these fine folk.

The first single, ‘The Woods’, begins with a sprightly, wordless chant before retreating into a spare and stately mid-section, Kranz coaxing out gorgeous hooks over a pared back arrangement that builds to a luminous finale, the reprised chant recalling the best moments of Beach House.

‘The Woods’ is the first track from the upcoming album ’The Wolves’ planned for release early 2013.  Accompanying the single is a beautiful and hypnotic video created by illustrator, animator and media artist Polly Dedman, it’s well worth a quick watch!





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