Your Music Radar’s Best Tracks of 2012 Playlist

Ok.  I’ve succumbed. If there is one thing that annoys me around this time of year, it’s the fact that the audio goodness we all love to sniff out and listen to dries up and everyone turns into a retrospective junkie of all the things that were the ‘best of’ for the year.

There’s nothing wrong with looking back on how good some of the tunes were in the year but when everyone does it, it means audio lovers get little if any new tunes to listen to and absorb.  That’s why we have focused on what tunes artists you should be listening to in 2013 with our Your Music Radar 2013 Watch List. If you took a look at the top 50 tracks on Hype Machine this week, you’ll have seen that it was full of tracks that have been up there in the highs during 2012 but chopping and changing faster than you could say ‘boo’ as there wasn’t really much traffic going on.

Anyway. I can hear you asking, if YMR hates all things retrospective, why are we posting a Your Music Radar Best Tracks of 2012 playlist? Well, it’s a 50/50 selfish post for us on what we’ve put up during the year in over a thousand posts of what we think has been quite mighty and also it’s an opportunity to drop all this wondrous goodness into a quick and easy playlist that you and we can all enjoy.  To be honest, we only discovered the site this week which means we can get all these tracks up to you in a completely legal way in one big playlist (rather than uploading them all in a soundcloud playlist that breaks all the uploading rules and usually half of them get blocked).

So.  That brings us to this playlist for 2012 doesn’t it?  I contemplated splitting this into a playlist and remix playlist but hey, if you don’t like any of the tracks you can always click on the next button.  This list will not resemble anything anywhere near a main stream playlist that you’ll see on many other music sites as this is purely and simply everything that has given us ear joy over the last 12 months that we have been playing again and again and again.

Hopefully this is the beginning of a journey for you with some of the artists and bands we’ve loved in 2012.  We reckon plenty of these will also be on your music radar well into 2013 too.

Get your fix of the Your Music Radar Best Tracks of 2012 Playlist below:


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