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Well, if you thought 2011 was a big year for us all in the world of tunes, DJs, mixes and awesome artists around the globe 2012 was even bigger. At the start of each year, we list the bands and artists that we think should be on your music radar and who we predict will have a great year ahead.

Looking back on our YMR Watch List For 2012, I reckon we nailed it with a good number of up and comers. Sometimes it is easy to list everyone you want to make it big rather than the ones you get the ‘spider sense’ buzz that gets the radar going. If everyone could make it, it would be awesome. However, we’ve managed to trim down a list of around 30 of the 1000 or so posts this year that we’ve blogged about in 2012.

This time last year, YMR was a fresh nipper of a site that had been barely going for a year. The traffic was sneaking up a little, we were looking forward to heading across the ocean to SXSW in Austin and things were looking up. 12 months on for YMR and things have definitely stepped up a couple of gears. We’re definitely plugged into the global audio hotline, getting some mighty fresh talent through in heaps and bundles and we’re heading back to Austin in March for some more SXSW action.

OK. So…the list for 2013. There’s up and coming bands, artists and DJs that you should get to know as they’ll be hot this year. Again, there will be some artists that you’ll know already from your home turf but we think they will have a massive year globally too so that’s why we’ve listed them here (Matt Corby anybody?).

There are also some artists that we’d love to list again here from previous watch lists as they are now just stepping up into their prime with 2013 destined to be good times ahead (Little Boots, Owl Eyes, Strange Talk & Buchanan to name just a few). We sometimes get a bit premature on some artists.  King Krule was on our list for 2012 and he is short listed for the BBC Sound of 2013 for next year.  Whilst the artists might be listed below, you may be reading this come 31st December 2013 and go, hmmm, those artists are just coming out of their gig shells now and getting heard to the masses. Don’t worry, that’s happened before (see our list for 2011 and list for 2012) and again you’ll know what we mean as only now they are starting to get the praise they deserve.

Anyway, enough digression. Check out Your Music Radar’s Top 25 predictions for 2013, in no particular order, below (with the addition of as many sounds we can muster so you can get to hear them too):

YMR Watch List For 2013

  • The Disco Fries
  • Blackbird Blackbird
  • Blondfire
  • Peking Duk
  • The Royal Concept
  • DJ R3hab
  • Viceroy
  • Chela
  • Nimmo & The Gauntlets
  • Oliver
  • Good Evening, Mr Mustard
  • Sea At Last
  • Avec Sans
  • Andy Murphy & Jam XPress
  • Black Van
  • Noosa
  • Myndset
  • Capital Cities
  • Vaudeville Smash
  • Matt Corby
  • Kitten
  • Ryan Hemsworth
  • Tourist
  • Kill Paris
  • Plastic Plates


Here’s a cheeky 26th addition too. The reason we’ve listed them is that the winning forumula of Matt Van Schie (from Van She) and Mighty Mouse are certain to go off audiotastically. Even though we’ve not heard anything they’ve done collectively (their first track is due out 20th Jan), we’d be very surprised if they’re not having it large by this time next year.

  • Du Tonc


OK.  Now you’ve seen the list & you’ve got the continuous playlist…you want to get stuck into the tunes don’t you?  Below is a pretty collage of audio goodness for all of the above artists so you can play the individual tracks or you can play the full list above.  Your choice.  Get playing and get them onto your music radar for 2013.




Track back and check out our YMR Watch List for 2012 here & YMR Watch List for 2011 here.

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