12 Inches of Funk: A YMR Playlist

12 Inches of Funk

12 Inches of Funk is our sensational compilation playlist that brings together an eclectic mix of 12 inches of funk, disco, and R&B tracks from the 70s, 80s and 90s. We’ve curated 12 inches in 12 hours of extended mixes performed by renowned artists such as Change, Patrice Rushen, Pointer Sisters, Alexander O’Neal, Colonel Abrams, Ashford and Simpson, Evelyn “Champagne” King and more.

This started out as a private playlist but without hitting the private button. It turns out that many a punter has started to follow it, so it makes perfect sense to share it formally on YMR.

The playlist starts with Evelyn “Champagne” King’s “Just For The Night” followed by back to back tracks from Change, including their infectious hit “A Lover’s Holiday”, “Paradise”, “Mutual Attraction” and “Hold Tight”. I only recently found out about Change (I was a fan of “Searching” featuring Luther Vandross but hadn’t gotten across how awesome their catalogue was until recently). The energetic rhythms, rich instrumentation, and captivating vocals from Change make it impossible to resist the urge to hit repeat on their tracks.

Patrice Rushen’s tracks include, “Forget Me Nots,” is a timeless classic that showcases her impeccable talent as a singer and a songwriter. The song’s catchy melody, irresistible bassline, and Rushen’s silky-smooth vocals create an atmosphere of pure joy and captivate the listeners from start to finish.

The Pointer Sisters bring their signature style and infectious energy to the mix with their hit singles “Automatic”, “Dare Me”, “I’m So Excited” and “Neutron Dance” with their funky synth lines, dynamic harmonies, and the Sisters’ powerful vocal delivery, these tracks remain a standout in the genre.

Alexander O’Neal’s soulful voice shines through in “Fake.” Taken from his album Hearsay, the song’s funky bassline, tight groove, and O’Neal’s emotive performance blend seamlessly, making it a standout track on the playlist.

Colonel Abrams offers his smooth contribution with the track “Trapped.” This gem is filled with Abrams’ soulful voice, capturing the essence of the era. The legendary duo Ashford and Simpson bring their magic to the mix with the timeless classic “Solid.” It is a true masterpiece, showcasing the duo’s ability to craft a timeless hit.

Evelyn “Champagne” King is famous for her hit “Love Come Down” which is a funky and seductive track that perfectly captures the spirit of the disco era. However, there’s so many more tracks that bridged into her mid 80s synth funk pop era that should be enjoyed.

Our playlist brings together some of the most influential artists of the funk, disco, and R&B genres and each track represents a different facet of the era, showcasing the artists’ unique styles and musical talents. Whether you’re a dedicated fan of funk or simply someone who enjoys captivating melodies and infectious beats, 12 Inches of Funk is a musical journey that will transport you back to a time when a bassline was a bassline.

12 inches in 12 hours. Funk for your pleasure.

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