Adele – Easy On Me

I recently bought a vinyl player and one of the benefits of listening to classics on record from the last four decades is that you hear how wonderfully creative, crafted and well written records are from the likes of Elton John, Rod Stewart, Billy Joel, Creedence Clearwater Revival and more.

On that note, ‘Easy On Me’ shows that you can under produce a track these days and you can let the artist and the pianist speak for themselves. If this was a track from the 70s or 80s there would’ve been a temptation for a glorious mid guitar rock solo to have interfered with this but no such luck fortunately. In fact we simply have an introductory track to Adele’s 30 here and I’m hoping that the simplicity of ‘Go Easy On Me’ continues in the same way that 19’s ‘Hometown Glory’ did.

What a track. And Bravo on video direction for not butchering something so simple and keeping it as it all should be visually.

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