Aeroplane – Page One Is Love EP

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I like this EP.  I like this EP a lot.  Aeroplane has dropped two very special tracks here with ‘Page One Is Love’ and ‘Dancing With Each Other’.   It’s all about hypnotic beats that are borderline Jellybean days here.  Love! Love! Love!

The two remixes that are on this EP are also quite mighty.  It’s all house house house with the Cassara and Ten Ven remixes.

In both songs I wanted to try to emulate elements of some early house records I love. Specifically, the simple yet elaborate chords riffs, which are what I’ve always been most drawn to. The other element I wanted was a chopped vocal sample. I couldn’t find any that worked, so I made some myself (thanks Jamie & Vanessa!). I’m hoping the end result are two musical, danceable, positive tracks! “If life is a book, page one is LOVE.”





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