Annie Bass – In Your Arms

Annie Bass has released an exquisite new song with ‘In Your Arms’ and it is on absolute YMR repeat at the moment.

The stunning cut is the opening track from her forthcoming, long-awaited debut Control EP which is set for release this May.

“There are people in your life who are always there to pick up the pieces, to put you back together. For me that is my sister,” Annie explains of the track. “I was going through a very dark time in my life, everything around me seemed to be falling apart.

One night just like any other it all seemed to be too much, and whatever it was she could feel it too. In that moment she said to me over the phone “just so you know, you’re not alone”. I knew she was afraid, and I wrote this chorus that same night as a promise to her, I can still remember sitting in my tiny Surry Hills bedroom singing it for hours.”

On the Control EP Annie addresses some intense and deeply private themes including assault, mental illness and self-destructive behaviour. Each track is a chapter or glimpse into matters Annie has been brave enough not to shy away from that cut so close to home.

Get on the golden track ‘In Your Arms’.

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