Big White – EOFY


On first appearances, this would look like we have seriously wandered off the YMR reservation.  However, if you dig deep into our posts you’ll see it’s not always about EDM but about tracks that float our boat regardless of genre.  Big White’s track ‘EOFY’ seriously launches the ship into the water.

There’s a bit of Nick Cave, Iggy Pop, The Strokes, Dinosaur Junior, The Pixies and a whole load more going on here that we’re loving.

The Sydney guitar-pop quintet have regrouped after a focused hiatus in pursuing alternate projects. The gang tracked new single ‘EOFY’ to 8 track tape in a converted bomb shelter in Berlin at the beginning of this year and if a track can pull through influences of location, this one sure does.

This is special and addictive stuff.







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