Bluejuice – The Recession (Winter of Our Discotheque Remix)

I heard this remix on a flight from Melbourne to Brisbane last week on the Rosie Beaton show and this remix is infectious.  Earfever!!!  If you’re not familiar with a good remix of Bluejuice, then get your fix of ‘The Recession’ and also track back for a Gigamesh remix of ‘Act Yr Age’.

A double dose of remix fun we say!!!  What is it with these fun tunes coming out of Australia at the moment.  It must be the southern hemisphere hitting summer factor!!!  In fact, we’d file this remix quite nicely next to the new single from Vaudeville Smash who have dropped ‘Best Night’ which also has ear fever written all over it.

There might be a recession but it ain’t stopping these tunes playing loud!!! Come on!!

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