Easy Life – Nightmares

Since I started playing FIFA 19 and the new soundtrack to the killer football game, I have been completely hooked on Easy Life’s track ‘Pockets’.  Their new track ‘Nightmares’ has dropped and this trippy jazzy hip-hop blissful band have my full attention.

I’m not going to lie.  I think there’s a lot lacking in some of the music that is out there at the moment, so when something comes along like Easy Life, it is a god damn breath of fresh air.

I’m also interested that EA Sports picked up on this artist, seeing they’re not a monster label artist that sometimes does get picked up.  It won’t be long before they are though as they’re very unique and outstandingly awesome.

I haven’t been excited about an up and coming band like this in a while. Keep your eyes and ears Easy Life.

Get aquainted with ‘Nightmares’ and ‘Pockets’ below:




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