Imagine Dragons – On Top Of The World

Imagine Dragons

If you want a track that’s catchier than a fish hook in the mouth or an airborne virus, look no further than Imagine Dragons and ‘On Top Of The World’ which is set to raise the following stakes for this band.

There’s something about this track that reminds me of Train and some of there many smashes and if this one is set to follow those kind of footsteps, you’ll all be tapping your toes and slapping your thighs to this one before long.

Get this under your skin below:

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One thought on “Imagine Dragons – On Top Of The World

  1. Umm.. It’s a great song, no doubt.. But I don’t see it as a song that’s gonna “raise the stakes” as of now. I mean, it was featured in FIFA 13 already and it’s been killing the charts for a good while now. Nice to see it still get love, though.

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