KLP – Back In The Room


KLP drops new track ‘Back In The Room’ to end your week on the perfect high!  This hook-laden mother was co-written with Julian Hamilton from The Presets and it shows with this ‘hit the repeat button’ performance.

This is a perfect follow up to the previous single ‘Ember’ and we’re going to be playing this A LOT.  It wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a stellar set of remixes of this that will spill forth in the coming weeks.

Get onboard KLP’s new track ‘Back In The Room’.

Every single word I write in my music has to come from a very real place. I can’t bullshit and I can’t make stuff up. I often find myself trying to get in some highly emotional states to find things to write about, be it really happy or feeling low as fuck – if I’m comfortably numb then I struggle to find things to say.

For anyone (or especially a partner) witnessing me put myself through this rollercoaster process in order to make music, it’s a little crazy to watch. ‘Back In The Room’ is written from that persons perspective, watching me digging deep to lose my mind and create, all the while knowing that once it’s done I’ll come back and be present and stable.



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