Paul Conrad – Heresy Baby


Paul Conrad’s track ‘Heresby Baby’ has well and truly thwacked us between the ears and all we can say is that this track is an absolute stunner.  I wasn’t sure in the opening early bars of the track but I was well and truly hooked in by the end of the 4 minute track.

One thing I will say though is that after listening to the chorus of this track a couple of times and hearing the haunting key changes throughout I was trying to put my finger on where I have heard something similar.  Not sure if this is a deliberate embodiment or not but there are certainly some very close similarities (a slight key change and increased BPM here) to the classic track ‘Time’ by Hans Zimmer that was used for the movie Inception.

I’ve not seen anyone note this yet or pick up on this yet.  It’s all good though.  Two classic pieces of work.


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Just so you don’t think we are going mad, listen to this below and when it gets to the latter part of the track you’ll hear what we mean.





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