Philco Fiction – June 17


Our obsession with Norwegian music continues again with new track ‘June 17’ from Philco Fiction.  This is our first acquaintance with this Oslo duo but how good is this track?  Golden we say!

This track has so much depth that it truly warrants repeat plays so that you can dig into each layer the track has to offer.   A ballad for polo necks and pussy cats.

What were you doing in the summer of 92?

June 17 2012 – Bad weather. Preaching ‘This is not the summer of 92’ on a piece of paper. I soon find myself watching full length 90s rave parties, drowning in deep house, googling ’THE summer of 92’. Yes, bad weather makes me wanna go back in time. And the early 90s is where I wanna go.

To me, it’s bright, big and beautiful. The music, the preachers, the wars, the vibrations, the illusions, the summers were different. I try to remember one single rainy day from my childhood, but I just can’t. Summer never cheated on the 90s, I promise. Like I would ever lie about such things as the weather.





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