R.LUM.R – Nothing New

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After hearing last year’s ‘Be Honest’ from Nashville artist R.LUM.R, I have been waiting patiently for another golden ear morsel from this very fine singer/songwriter.  My patience has been rewarded with an absolutely beautiful track.

I sense big things for R.LUM.R off of the pedigree of this track.  The last 12 months have now brought us ‘Show Me’, ‘Be Honest’ and now this.  3 stunner tracks on the trot is not a fluke.

Put R.LUM.R on your radar now.






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One thought on “R.LUM.R – Nothing New

  1. This young man is amazing, musically magical. As soon as you think you know what coming he switches up its like being on a rollercoaster ride in the dark!!! You have no idea where you’re going, but the ride is “INCREDIBLE”!!!

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