Satin Jackets Feat. Scavenger Hunt – Feel Good

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I’ve just done a quick search on YMR and I can safely say that I’ve been worshipping everything that Satin Jackets have been releasing for around 4 years now.  New track ‘Feel Good’ taken from their debut album Panorama Pacifico and is a rework of quite possibly one of my favourite tracks ever.

Fortunately, this redo of ‘You Make Me Feel Good’ is still up there in my top 10 and the extra sparkle that has been added with Scavenger Hunt’s vocals just adds extra ingredients to an already luscious cake mix.

It seems crazy that it is only now that their debut album is finally here, but like baking a good recipe, you can’t rush these things.  Perfection takes time.

Listen to ‘Feel Good’ and stream their debut album which features some outstanding cameos:






And…I nearly forgot about this gem of a remix for Salt Ashes. Golden!





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