Szymon – Golden

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The high and low of listening to an outstanding track just hit me in about 10 seconds.  I went from thinking this track was awesome to reading that the artist lost his battle with depression at the age of 23.  This is an outstanding track that deserves to live on.

A bright, brilliant talent, young Newcastle artist, Szymon Borzestowski worked tirelessly through 2008, honing his skills on early bedroom production equipment and makeshift gear. Borzestowski built lush layers of guitar, bass, woodwind, drums, synth and samples in his humble home-studio, under the moniker of his first name. Whilst Szymon lost his long-running struggle with depression at the age of 23, ‘Golden’ still proves to be a stunningly hopeful offering and remains timeless in its sound.





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One thought on “Szymon – Golden

  1. i am heartbroken to discover that this talented soul is no longer creating music. only just now has his music come into my life and i was genuinely looking forward to future releases. i’m actually kind of speechless. this is the best track i’ve heard in a while.

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