The Chainsmokers – Good Intentions ft. BullySongs

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Let The Chainsmokers and BullySongs lead you astray on new track ‘Good Intentions’ that is definitely on the Martin Solveig and Tiesto end of The Chainsmokers’ spectrum.

You can’t ever say that The Chainsmokers play it safe and try and stay with the same sound.  Far from it!  Every new track just keeps refracting their light into new speeds and directions.

The song is all about people who set out with the best intentions but end up with with the short end of the stick. The wonderful BullySongs from the UK wrote the topline explained to us that this song is all about those times that say to your lady or moms, ‘I am just running to the store, Ill be back in an hour, and end up back at 5am…’ and that idea really resonated with us as trouble makers with hearts of gold…



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