The Chainsmokers – Side Effects (feat. Emily Warren)

The Chainsmokers have hit another sweet spot with their new track ‘Side Effects’ featuring Emily Warren.  You had us at the bassline riff!

This is a little darker than recent offerings from The Chainsmokers but we love it and think this is a 10/10.  It would be an 11/10 if only it was a little longer but that just gives us another excuse to hit play again and again and again. Emily Warren’s vocals on this are sublime.

Of the new single, the duo says, “We are proud to bring you our new song, ‘Side Effects,’ featuring our dear friend and frequent collaborator Emily Warren. We felt it was time for a summer jam rooted in the sound we created when we first started making records. Our music is always a current reflection of how we feel, what inspires, and who we are in that particular moment. Enjoy!”

A 3 minute anthem that will be near the top of the pile of our YMR Best of 2018 when we get to the end of the year.

Now.  Stop reading this and hit play and repeat.


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