Throwing Snow – Simmer (Octo Octa’s Bring Forth Peace from Pain Remix)

My goodness.  What a way to commence 2019 proceedings.  Octo Octa’s epic 10 minute remix of Throwing Snow’s track ‘Simmer’ is a journey and a half for the ears.

Octo Octa aka. Maya Bouldry-Morrison is one of our YMR Watch List artists for 2019 and with tracks like this, there’s no wonder the likes of Mixmag and others are jumping onboard this sensational artist.

One of my all time favourite tracks of the 90s was an obscure track by Night Demon called ‘Syko’ and parts of the drum track is either heavily influenced or sampled from the very track and it doesn’t get any better.

Keep your eyes and heavily keep your ears on Octo Octa in 2019 and beyond.




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