Vicetone – What I’ve Waited For (ft. D. Brown)

Vicetone - What I've Waited For (Square Art) smaller

Vicetone anthem it up with the help of D. Brown on new track ‘What I’ve Waiter For’.

It’s been nearly two years since Vicetone released their debut single ‘Heartbeat’ on Monstercat. Since then, both the label and the dutch duo have been busy establishing their names in the industry. What was once an audience of 500,000 during Vicetone’s initial release, ‘Heartbeat’, Monstercat has since grown to reach over 2.5 million people on their YouTube alone.

Vicetone’s newest single ‘What I’ve Waited For’ is a return to their roots with the very label and audience that the duo came into their own on. Monstercat and their community played an integral part in the early development and discovery of the now mainstage duo. It was only a matter of time before the two revitalized their early partnership to share their newfound success.




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