Welcome to YMR FM

New Year and new YMR FM launch!! Welcome to YMR FM hosted by Spotify, our online radio smorgasbord of audio goodness that is as eclectic and diverse as it gets and not like those other ‘commercial’ FM stations.

Formerly YMR New Music, we have now rebooted our regular selection of hot tracks that you should be listening to include not only new tracks, but also a selection of sizzling treats you may have missed out on in recent months. We’re talking mostly non commercial here and tracks that wouldn’t make it onto your usual radio station of banality but saying that, we also can’t go past a mainstream track if it is a guilty pleasure of ours.

The rotation selection will evolve and be updated over the course of each month and year, so make sure to hit play and shuffle.

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About Graham Porter

Founder of YMR and has been trying to make a difference for unsigned, up and coming artists and all things great in music since 2011.

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