YMR Track of the Week: Brothers Water – Burn It All Baby

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So I just stumbled (as always) across the Leeds based band Brothers Water.  Their track ‘Burn It All Baby’ that dropped on line yesterday is as haunting as a track can get and I have been hitting play again and again and again on it.

I for one will be keeping an eye on this epic band and if you think this is a one off, check out one of their other tracks below ‘Mascara’ which channels a bit of Billy Bragg and The Kooks.  Maybe a little of early Shed Seven in there too? It is all mighty stuff!

Below is a quote lifted from their website which gives you the background behind the new track ‘Burn It All Baby’ which all sounds quite fitting. A sure fire YMR Watchlist band for 2016 and beyond we reckon!

On our final night of recording at The Doghouse we occupied ourselves with getting ready for an early leave the next day. We then went for a few pints with Barrie at his local, to commemorate the end of a great week and our budding friendship with the old rocker. After a few more pints than planned we ventured back to the studio, whereupon Barrie fetched a bottle of London dry and a bag of ice.

The recording process is often a dichotomised model, containing both practical, methodical methods and impulsive experimentation, hoping to stumble upon a serendipitous inspiratory spark, from which to methodically build upon. When Barriemore Barlow adds a bottle of gin to the equation, we can only realistically function within the latter method. Thankfully, we feel we did capture a moment of magic: Chris’s vocals shake stationary and loose sheets of paper in a blacked out studio; broken octave bass notes sound like browned leaves drifting from a tree at the end of Autumn. As the song draws to a close the last embers of Chris’s capacity to sing begin to die and it feels an eerily fitting (it’s often the case things feel more profound than they are in that environment) end to the week that the last croaked words tracked are “you can burn it all baby”.






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