Two funk filled dance tracks have grabbed our attention today.  Both are remixes by Dude Skywalker and both are the perfect tonic for lazy hazy days in the sun.

Miami natives Sam Plessett, Alex Borges and Fabio Galarce are the brainchilds behind Dude Skywalker, a musical project delving into the darker sides of disco, soul, funk, and house, while adding their own personal touch of tropically influenced, dance-floor oriented aesthetics.

The quality music blog Golden Scissors have their eyes on the remix of Pink Floyd’s track ‘The Wall’ and our eyes and ears are firmly fixed on the more upbeat remix of Randy Crawford’s classic track ‘Street Life’.  Not Street Lights as some karaoke kings and queens sing…a lot!

Get the Dude Skywalker trio on Your Music Radar folks as they’re sure to drop more audio bombs like this over the coming months.  Stay tuned on YMR:


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