Blondfire – Where The Kids Are (Branded James Remix)


This is quite an extraordinary remix of Blondfire’s track ‘Where The Kids Are’.  We are usually not ones for putting up tracks in remix competitions as it opens the floodgates for both audio goodness and audio not so goodness in the inbox.  However, we make an exception for all things Blondfire as we are quite smitten with them and cannot get enough.  Hence, any excuse for multiple tracks, remixes and newness is always our game.

OK.  So down to this remix by Branded James.  It is quality and the track has been given some deep tropical vibes.  Not only that, the vocals have been slowed to sound a little to give it an almost male vocal edge.  This is a good remix.  Scrap that.  This is an AWESOME remix.

I have been wanting to make a deeper track lately and felt like this would be a good opportunity to take the original concept and transform it into something almost unrecognizable.  I starting chopping and pitching the vocal until I had this erie soundscape to build upon.

I wanted the track to still have a little tropical flavor, just less of a 2pm on the beach feel and more of a 2am dancing naked by moonlight in the middle of the jungle kind of feel.  It’s a bit different from my other remixes, but you’ve got to go with your inner flow and do what inspires you.  Hopefully I hit the mark and people enjoy it.

No words now.  Just listen.  It is a beauty to behold!

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Famous last words here…but…if you are one of the many artists who are remixing Blondfire at the moment, feel free to hit us up with it.  If we like, it’s going up.


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