Celebrate Australia Day with Australian talent! Listen to 100 Aussie artists in our Australian Made Spotify playlist for 2017.

With all the Triple J whooping that’s going on in the lead up to Australia Day, we’ve put together an alternative playlist of 100 Australian artists that you should really be listening to now, on Australia Day and beyond, to celebrate what many overseas have already been doing for quite some time.

It took us just over an hour to put together the following playlist which features 100 different Australian artists that have featured across many GLOBAL music sites, including way too big a number that did not make it onto commercial radio, or if they did make it, there was barely a chance to hear it amongst the bigger artists’ tracks that were played.

We’ve continue to hear many people in Australia who have said, “there isn’t a lot of decent music coming out of Australia at the moment is there?”, but when you look at what we’ve featured on YMR in the last 24-36 months, we’d argue heavily against that.  It’s just that ‘the good stuff’ doesn’t filter through to some of your more mainstream radio stations. It is quite ridiculous just how good this 7hr playlist is and how much talent  is rising from the pores of Australia.

This is what we’ll be listening to on Australia Day to truly celebrate a country of artists and bands that deserve to get just as much attention in their home country as they do overseas. Again, it is crazy that many US and UK sites can rave about a band but not get any play at home.  Take Vaudeville Smash for example, who were signed to P-Vine Records in Japan, had record launches in the equivalent of JB-HiFi over there and received pretty much zero fan fare in their home country.

It pains me this time of year to see so many artists both signed and unsigned clambering to get themselves into the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown playlist.  The only real winner is the radio station itself and not the listeners, as there are SO MANY more tracks that simply do not get the airplay they deserve on home soil.

Kick back for the next 7 hours and listen to this.