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I might be one of the few who never really listened to Adele’s last album.  Illegal bootleg remixes? Yes, by the dozen but when it came to the originals, I never quite got into them.  Anyway.  New track ‘Hello’ and the hype behind the Adele machine is well worth it.

In a time when there’s A LOT of mass produced, over hyped, middle of the road music flooding our charts and influencing the masses and current generation, it is good to see that people still like some good old fashioned ‘pure’ music like this.

Whether the rest of the new album 25 is as good or completely over produced, we shall see. However, off of the back of this track I’m happy. You know that you will have heard this anywhere and everywhere by the time the album comes out 25th November and you may even be a little sick of it by then but it will all fuel the fire that will be a massive award winning album when 25 has been on the shelves by the time the next Grammy’s come around.

Masterful photography and video direction this one too.







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