Album Giveaway: Empire of The Sun – Ice on The Dune


Empire of The Sun’s hot new album Ice on The Dune has dropped and we have an album giveaway that you should be getting stuck into.

For a chance to WIN WIN WIN 1 of 5 giveaway copies, pop a comment below on why you’d like to win this hot new audio property from Mr Steele and Mr Littlemore and we’ll pick the winners and get them out to you.

Check out the interview with Empire of The Sun on the making of the album with Behind The Dune:

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If you want to get a sonic sniff of what the album sounds like, you can get your fix of two stunner tracks below:

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About Empire of The Sun

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7 thoughts on “Album Giveaway: Empire of The Sun – Ice on The Dune

  1. The sample tracks sound great. I would like to win because I pre-ordered this thing 2 months ago and it still hasn’t shown up. Apparently my order was messed with when my account was hacked and I was charged $460 at Bed Bath & Beyond. So.. yeah, I really want the album!

  2. Been standing on the shore, waiting for this ship to call for far too long already…

  3. Because “Alive” is my top song of 2013 so far and now hearing “DNA” it is not too far behind. Just a great sound, perfect for summer, and I am sure the rest of the record is genius work as well!

  4. I spend 2 hours driving to/from work every day. The only thing that gets me through the monotony is listening to good music. Triple J shits me to tears and the commercial stations are even worse. Please help me get through the tedious journey by providing me with the album. I loved their old stuff and if the new single ‘Alive’ is anything to go by, I think I may enjoy this record too.

  5. I have been waiting ages for this album to come out. From the clips you’ve posted it sounds like the bomb. WANT!

  6. My office just got a new sound system and I am having to listen to shit like So French So Chic. I just played a song from above and someone asked if it was EOTS. It will go down a treat!

  7. I would like to win this album because they had at me with their track “Alive”. I played it while I was sailing with my summer love after a night of too much alcohol and, sailing + Empire of the Sun was just a perfect cure for a bad hangover. Which turned out to be a lovely day – and eventually felt the love we have with each other over the song. Empire of the Sun is way too powerful.

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