Alpines & Maya Jane Coles – Why (Carly Simon Cover)

On the 5th day of Christmas, Your Music Radar gave to me……another stunner of a cover version to round out the year of the cover!!!  This time it is the magic of Alpines & Maya Jane Coles and their cover of Carly Simon’s ‘Why’.

It is simply only a matter of time before all of the good folk such as you and you and you get onboard this track.  As we are writing this, I’m on the 3rd play of this track already.

An absolute classic rework in the making that will help raise the profile of both parties here to a much deserved higher level!!!

Why….does…this…track….sound …so…good!!!  Why don’t you find out and play it below!!!

  Alpines prod. Maya Jane Coles – Why by Alpines


Alpines and Maya Jane Coles – Why [Carly Simon Cover] by kndred

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