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If Your Music Radar had been founded a few years back, it is highly likely the we would have been loudly rambling about how it was pretty crimina that Bat For Lashes popularity and growth didn’t mirror the kind of success and adulation that Florence & The Machine were receiving. In our eyes Bat For Lashes were always just as good if not better and definitely had the skills to slap you in the face with a powerful tune or three.

Fortunately though, we reckon that that may all be changing with the rumblings online and on air for the new track ‘Laura’ as this is so stunning a track that it will definitely be a game changer for Bat For Lashes popularity.

BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe this week announced that this was the biggest track in the world.  You know what, he might not be wrong you know.  It mirrors a lot of the class affair of previous Bat For Lashes tracks but you can tell that there is much more to come with the new album ‘The Haunted Man’ that is due to drop soon.

The sheer fact that this track dropped 12 hours ago online and dozens of blogs have clambered over themselves to get this one up online.  Watch it shoot to the top of the Hype Machine charts and most likely the Ex Fms, Shuffler Fms and We Are Hunteds too.  Did I just talk jargon to you?  Do yourself a favour and check out those music streaming sites.  They’re the future!!!

Bat For Lashes is the future too….be warned.  You’ll be hearing a lot more of Bat For Lashes over the coming months.

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About Bat For Lashes:

Check it out Live too!!!


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