Bingo Players – Mode

Here it comes!!!!! A new track hot off the press by Bingo Players!!!! Make some noise for their track ‘Mode’.

Whether you’ve cried just a little over their recent tracks or just been all round lame brained, we reckon that this one is going to set your party on fire and then some!!!!! Crank up those beats and let the good times rooooooooolllllllllllllll!!!!!

F*ck me this is a stomper stonker corker mutha of a track that should be up there as an end of year anthem.

You know what….the radar says that this might just be there.   Lets check back and see if we’re right.

In the meantime, digest this like the biggest fattest pill of a big big tune you’ll hear this year!!!!   Open wide!!!


Bingo Players – Mode by Bingo Players

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