Birdy – 1901 (Phoenix Cover)

We reckon 2011 has been the year of the cracking cover version.  Look back and you’ll see several great covers, including Mr Little Jeans, Deadmau5 and how about this one by Birdy with the cover version of Phoenix’s ‘1901’.

It takes a brave person to play a Phoenix track that’s been covered to us as we are big big Phoenix fans and it could be sacrilege to do it to this song.  However, Birdy has pulled it off.  Not only do we have a great rendition but we also have a tweaked and tilted version that gives a song some new life.

Two things should come of this track.  One, make people perk up and listen to Birdy to hunt out her other great tracks (check out her self title album via the link to iTunes below) and two, this might alert people to how great Phoenix are and build up that ever growing fan base even more.

Sit back and listen to Birdy or let yourself fly away.

Birdy-1901 by throbbingsoul

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