Booka Shade & Satin Jackets – Fusion Royale

Prepare your ears, fellow music lovers, for the latest delight from Booka Shade and Satin Jackets. “Fusion Royale”, released on May 12th, 2023, is a track that will take you to the sun (even if you’re freezing on the otherside of the globe). It’s sonic solar heating I tell you.

For those who have been following Satin Jackets, the House/Nu Disco project of German music producer Tim Bernhardt is part of the Nu Disco movement. This latest release is another impressive addition to his already extensive discography. For those following Booka Shade, they’re a well-established electronic music duo composed of Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier, based in Berlin and you should be all over them.

“Fusion Royale” is a natural progression from previous Satin Jackets releases and a perfect collaboration with Booka Shade. We’re big fans of Satin Jackets and you should see our vinyl collection as evidence. If you’ve followed the beats of albums like Panorama Pacifico (2016), Solar Nights (2019), and Reunion (2022), then “Fusion Royale” is the perfect addition to our (and your) growing collection.

Are you a newcomer to the Satin Jacket and/or Booka Shade world? If so, “Fusion Royale” is a great introduction. Its chill vibe and infectious beats are representative of their sound, making them an ideal introduction to Bernhardt’s, Merziger’s and Kammermeier’s collective works.

Whether you’re a seasoned fan or just learning about these fine artists, there’s no question that the fusion (pun intended) of them on “Fusion Royale” gives you a magnetic mix. So get drawn to it like iron filings and allow the music to cover you, to forget yourself. Trust me, get on it.

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