Experience the Moment with Luttrell’s ‘Darling’

Luttrell’s new track “Darling” is the sonic equivalent of a warm, comforting hug that you didn’t know you needed. Released under the This Never Happened label, this track gets its lush hooks into you from the get go and keeps you there for the full duration.

Taken from the Darling/Waves Single, from the first beat, “Darling” shimmers and pulls you in, which is a testament to Luttrell’s ability to blend genres and create a sound that’s uniquely his own and showcases why he has been picked up by the label.

This Never Happened is a Californian record label, run by producer Daniel Goldstein, famously known as Lane 8, and distributed by Anjunabeats. The label is known for its melodic house music that encourages listeners to experience music in the moment.

In July, This Never Happened, via Untitled Group, will be embarking on their first-ever tour to Australia, bringing their trademark phone-free events to Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Pre-sale tickets sold out within minutes and there’s a reason for that, as the tour features the incredible talent of Le Youth, PARIS and Sultan + Shepard. The event is designed to be a phone and photo-free environments, urging attendees to “Experience The Moment, Don’t Record It.” The tour is sure to be a hit. You may still be able to get tickets as you read this…but be quick.

Whilst Luttrell isn’t coming overseas to be part of the shows, after listening to “Darling”, we think it won’t be long before he is hitting these shores so that we can experience the moment with him in the not too distant future.

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