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When you have a sea of tunes to row your audio boat through in your inbox, sometimes there are certain tracks that shine out at you like a buoy reflecting the sunlight. This track ‘Lennon’ from Bramzwig is definitely one of those for sure.

Sssshhhh! This track features a sample of The Beatles and the track ‘Eleanor Rigby’ that is extremely well used for the backing track that Bramzwig unfurls his lyrics upon.

This is the first track from Bramzwig’s new mixtape: Concrete Playground that is due to drop in late August. It kind of gets you hungry for more doesn’t it?

I’m on play number 2. I’m sure there’s going to be a zero on the end of that number by the end of the day here at YMR.

If anyone has some retro 3D glasses lying around, I’m curious whether this is a 3D picture of John Lennon jumping out at the page at you. The track certainly does.

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