Chris Malinchack – When I Think About You (Club Mix)

What do you get when you combine two of YMR’s favourite artists? I can tell you! It’s the fire track “When I Think About You” from Chris Malinchak that features samples/reworks from the mighty fine Alexander O’Neal. The 12″ original of that track with Cherelle is heavenly and the new Club Mix here gives it a damn good run for its money. Malinchak has produced some drops of gold here on this blissful journey into the depths of house music with all the hallmark characteristica of his work but this time, we’re taking it to the dance floor.

If you know YMR, you know that we love all things from the past as well as what’s current. Our 12 inches of Funk and YMR Jams – 24hrs of Funk playlists feature some classic R&B, Funk and Soul tracks and Alexander O’Neal is spread all over them like peanut butter. Malinchak’s track in both original and club mix is a heartening homage to the past, drawing vocal samples from Alexander O’Neal’s classic ‘Saturday Love’. The result is a vibrant blend of nostalgic and contemporary soundscapes that will resonate with lovers of classic R&B and modern electronic music alike. Even the club mix sounds like a 90s house track…yes, so that’s 80s and 90s combinationjoy.

Unlike some of the lazy modern tracks that are out there at the moment (yes you Rita Ora), the samples/reworks here are used to great effect here. I say sample/rework, as I’m pretty sure O’Neal’s vocals are used here but if they’re not, the session singer on the track is pretty close. Either way, this will transport listeners back to the heyday of the 80s but combined with Malinchak’s distinct electronic style, we have here an experience that is both a nod to the past and a step into the future.

“When I Think About You” is another testament to Malinchak’s abilities as a producer and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of dance and house music. I love it. We love it. You will love it. Also, if you think you need to get your fix of Alexander O’Neal, get on it below too. Share that love! Not just on a Satuday either!

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