Cloud Sizzlers 20 – Part 2

Cloud Sizzler

YMR Cloud Sizzlers continues with Part 2 of a massive Easter weekend special.  It’s been a big one, so again we’ve split it into two parts. You’ve got to love it when there’s so much to listen to over the holiday period and it is definitely going to keep us all going over the next few days and beyond.

Part one featured an abundance of awesome tracks straight from our YMR inbox (check out YMR Cloud Sizzlers 20 – Part 1 here). Part two features a gathering of some online goodness that we recommend you should be listening to.

Get some hot tracks below and get rained on again from some more Cloud Sizzlers:




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One thought on “Cloud Sizzlers 20 – Part 2

  1. dirty tees track is terrible. They electronically butchered an already epic song with a bunch of cheap and played-out club themes, from dubstep to trap to house. What the fuck were they thinking?

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