Crystal Fighters – Champion Sound (Mr. No Remix)

Crystal Fighters are awesome.  Simple as that.  If you’ve heard their tracks, be it in singles form or through the wonder of their ‘Star Of Love’ album or even on tour at their recent Parklife gigs in Australia, you will undoubtedly know that they are phenomenal.

One of the best tracks on their album is Champion Sound, which is one of the most popular tracks we’ve been playing on and off for the last year.  Now we’ve got our fingers on the glorious Mr. No Remix which has breathed some more exquisite life into the track and given us a stomper!!!

We’ve loved these guys since we first heard Xtatic Truth on the ‘Kitsuné Maison Compilation 7’ album a couple of years back and we’ve had ear joy ever since!!!

Give the track a listen and if you don’t own their album….you should!!!

Get on their links below and get their tunes ordered pronto!  CHAMPION SOUND!!!!

Crystal Fighters – Champion Sound (Mr. No Remix) by Crystal Fighters


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