Daft Beatles – A Day In The Wonderwall (Oasis vs. The Beatles)

If you’re having a quiet one over the Christmas holidays with some streaming music time, we seriously recommend you check out the package that is Daft Beatles and their glorious mash ups.  Just when we thought it had been a quiet year for the mash, this beauty comes along.

One track in question that is going great guns at the moment is their mash up ‘A Day In The Wonderwall’ which is obviously an Oasis vs. The Beatles mash.

On our explorations for all things Daft Beatles, we’ve actually uncovered some far greater gems than this one which should be shared with you.  Hence, it’s a Christmas streaming time for mash up joy!!!

Check out the popular mash up track of ‘A Day In The Wonderwall’ below but make sure you give some ear time to their other splendid mixes too as these are outstanding mash ups of the highest order.  You know….sometimes mash ups sound a little wrong (and sometimes very wrong)…but these work really well and are all downloadable.

Check out the DaftBeatles on twitter and YouTube here too

Love it all!!!


OASIS vs THE BEATLES – ‘A Day in the Wonderwall’ (featured on www.beadyeyemusic.com) by DAFT BEATLES



Check out these fine mash ups below!!!

The Daft Beatles Mashups (Daft Punk & The Beatles, plus Adele, Coldplay, Oasis…)  by DAFT BEATLES

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