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If you are ready for a Close Encounter of The Deadmau5 kind, you’ve come to the right place!!! Depending on where you are in the globe, the Deadmau5 album has either just dropped or about to drop and either way, we reckon the track ‘Closer’ is one of the most epic tracks that features on the album.

So, looking at when you came into this world, you’ll either know and love the trademark notes from the 1970’s movie Close Encounters of The Third Kind (Closer…get it?) or you won’t have a clue and Deadmau5 has just introduced you to some of the most awesome keyboard finger jamboree that ever hit the silver screen.

Thankfully there is nothing alien about this track and it is just as classic and amazing as the good side of a Deadmau5 track can be.  Yes, there might be a fair few commercial tracks on the new album ‘Album Title Goes Here’ but this track is definitely not one of them.

I’m amazed that this track hasn’t made it onto some of the blog trackers yet.  It’s a stunner.  So much so, that we have had this on loop.

Check it out below and get some classic Deadmau5 in your ears.

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PS.  My cat Chloe is a looky likey of the cover to the new album too (give or take a black bit on her nose) so there’s double cat joy going on here with this track!!!  Although she does a little p*ssed off in the photo below that she didn’t feature on the album artwork.

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