Denny White – Colors

xxxxxxlWelcome to 2013 and to the first hot track of the year that you haven’t heard yet! That’s right.  Denny White’s track ‘Colors’ has dropped and this sounds like a sure fire track that would be used in The Vampire Diaries for some smouldering Damon & Elena on screen action or Catherine & Vincent from Beauty & The Beast.

If anyone out there is reading this from CWTV and can help make this happen for LA based Denny White we reckon you should get onto it pronto.  He hasn’t asked us to do this by the way…we’re just on the money for how good this track is and the potential for what it could be used for.

Yes! Ear gold for 2013 indeed! This track is destined to be used in TV for a scene stealer of hot proportions. Come on! It’s radar time!

Check out ‘Colors’ below:


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