Disclosure Confirm Details of New Album

Disclosure - Album packshot

UK duo Disclosure have confirmed what everyone has been waiting for and they’re set to launch their new album Caracal upon us all on September 25th.

Lion Babe, Nao and Kwabs and Gregory Porter joined Disclosure live on stage at both Parklife and Wild Life to showcase their features on the forthcoming album for the first time. Over the coming weeks there will be more reveals on other featured artists appearing on Caracal.

Caracal [kar-uh-kal]

Definition: a long-legged reddish-brown nocturnal cat (Felis caracal syn. Lynx caracal) of savannas in Africa and parts of Asia that has long pointed ears with a tuft of black hairs at the tip

A Caracal is an incredible wild cat that I became fascinated with while on tour last year; I just love the way they look, their physical capabilities and their anonymity.

It felt like a perfect fit for our Wild Life brand too, so the Caracal made perfect sense as the lead visual for the new album and over the course of recording, it also felt like a natural title for the new record too.







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