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I just did a bit of exploration and testing of #Music  which is the new streaming music engine from the Twitter and We Are Hunted bods and I have to say it doesn’t really appear to be fair to ‘Unearthed’ artists.

When you can only stream a little bit of the track and if you connect your #music account to your Spotify account, it completely shifts the focus of who is listed according to whether you sell your tracks online via Spotify or not.

An example of this is Doe Paoro.  Her new track ‘New Lows’ is number one on the Unearthed chart on Twitter’s #Music.  However, if you have linked your Spotify account to your #Music account, you wouldn’t know this sensational artist even existed.

So.  We’ve unhooked our Spotify account to our #Music and when we find a juicy track and/or artist, we are actually going off to hunt them down elsewhere (via their Soundcloud accounts, etc.) so that we can listen to the full track.  That kind of defeats the purpose of #Music doesn’t it?

In short, Doe Paoro is definitely one to keep your eyes on.  Not on #music but here and watch out on Hype Machine too.

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