Elton John vs. Pnau – Good Morning To The Night

My god!!!! This album is going to be the album of the summer.  It will make you want to wind (or press the electric down button) on your windows  in the car and feel that breeze in your face as any possible worry you had about anything in your life ever will just be magically whipped away into the air.

Sound dreamy?  Sound awesome?  Sound summery?  ALL OF THE ABOVE.

These tracks sound so good and are mastered and mixed so well that unless you had an ear for the difference in Elton John’s vocals from the 70’s right through to today, you’d probably think that this was just a brand new album by Elton John produced by Pnau.  It is far bigger and far greater than that.

Pnau have taken old masters and re-invented these tracks, breathed life into them and given us all a simply outstanding set of tunes that will just make you want to listen to them again and again and make your hazy lazy summer days just drift on and on!!!

The album is out in Australia on Friday 27th July but you don’t have to wait that long to get your fix of the tracks as we have some goodies below.  We should also say too that these tracks are absolutely ripe for remixes and if you don’t hear the original tracks getting some success, there is no doubt that you’ll hear remixes of these tracks somewhere thumping up the dance floors.

The tracks ‘Sad’ and ‘Good Morning To The Night’ are classic sounding Empire of The Sun with Elton John taking the vocal pipes position.

Outstanding!!!  Check out the videos below, including the interview with Elton & Pnau giving some great insight into how this album was born.





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