Face Apping The Lost Ones

Jimi Hendrix

There is a lot of fun going on with the ageing filter of Face App at the moment but with seeing some of my current heroes and peers putting themselves through the virtual (quite accurate and scary ageing) machine, it’s actually made me a little sad about the futility of our current time on this planet and of the lost artists that were taken from us too soon.

It lead me to wonder what the younger artists who are no longer with us now would look like and the output of this exercise has made me feel even worse. In particular the Jimi Hendrix one, as that’s probably as spot on as you’d get.

Apparently the Russians are stealing all of our Face App photos which means there’s going to be lots of old people passport photos generated and the use of the Mission Impossible face masking machine is going to be in overdrive (don’t tell Jason Statham that there really is a face off machine). If you see Amy Winehouse at passport control, watch out as she’s not been to rehab lately.

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